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visual content

Best-in-class AI-powered platform for
User Generated Content marketing.

    Trusted by global brands

    UGC is the new Marketing

    AdAlong enables brands to empower their communities of fans,
    consumers, and employees through visual content created by them which also resonates with them.

    Raise awareness

    Spread the word about your brand
    to foster trust with your community.

    Boost engagement

    Spark conversation with your target
    audience and turn customers into
    brand advocates.

    Accelerate growth

    Spur potential shoppers with social
    proof content to drive sales.

    The AdAlong Experience

    Build your Smart Library
    of visual community content

    Automatic content clustering & labelling, thanks to data science technology, to efficiently curate a high volume of UGC in real time and to link your product references.

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    Collect IP rights from your earned media

    Request permission from your community to reuse their content and get thousands, or even more, rights-approved photos and videos.

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    Increase your team’s productivity

    Community content automatically organized to save curation time. Every team member has access to one library for all channels diffusion.

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    See how you can turn content created by your
    community into high-performing marketing assets